About Us

This is who we are and what we do

About Westport Driving School

Westport Driving School (aka Mr. J's) is certified and licensed by the RMV to provide Drivers Education Program for in-class and behind-the-wheel training. We take great pride in teaching students the proper method of becoming a safe and responsible driver. Professional instructors, exceptional services, and affordable prices are the cornerstone of Westport Driving School.

  • Engaging, friendly, patient, and experienced instructor
  • Up-to-date educational textbooks and learning material
  • Flexible driving/classroom hours
  • Free door-to-door service for road lessons

About Mr. J

Chak Julasak (aka Mr.J) is the instructor at Westport Driving School. He actively engages the students both in the classroom and behind the wheel. Not only does he want his students to pass the road exam, but he also wants them to become responsible drivers. By injecting his lessons with humor, Mr. J manages to take away all the pressure of driving that many beginners often face.

Everyone is different and everyone makes mistakes. Mr. J knows this and has structured his driver education lessons around it. He has found a way to teach to everyone's learning abilities so that they're not just another driver on the road, but they're the best driver on the road.