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What age can I attend driver's ed?

You must be 15 years and 9 months on the first day of class.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit, and checks. Checks should be made out to 'Mr. J's Driving School'

Do I have to pay the entire balance up-front?

No, not at all but keep in mind that our packages include a steep discount over paying for each individual portion of the driver's education program. You may elect to pay for each component individually; pay for classes first and then pay for each individual driving lessons.

I bought the license package but want to use my own car on the test, do we get a refund?

Yes certainly! The package price includes a steep discount on each component so you'll receive a refund of $100.

What's the cancellation policy for the school?

None! If you can't keep your appointment, just kindly let us know ahead of time.

Where can I be picked up and dropped off for driving lessons?

Just let us know ahead of time and we can make arrangment to pickup/drop-off that's convenient for you.

Do I have to take driver's ed before I can take driving lessons?

Nope! You can start your driving lessons as soon as you have your permit.

How do I make-up a class that I missed?

You have to make-up the class that you missed, so if you missed the 2nd day of class then you will have to come back on the 2nd day of class for the next session.

Is the parent class mandatory?

Yes, parent class is mandatory for parents of students under the age of 18.

Do I need to bring anything to the first class?

Not at all! Just bring yourself and a form of payment and you're all set! We'll provide everything else; books, pens, papers, and fun!

I'm ready for road lessons, what should I do?

Go to the following page and please send in your information. Please select "Behind-the-wheel" under the Selection group box.

How do I sign up for a parent class?

Simply send us an email stating which parent class you would like to attend and we will put you on the roster. A list of upcoming parent class can be found on our "Schedule" page.

Can I take driving lessons with another driving school after completed the classroom education at Mr. J's Driving School?

Certainly! There's no up-charge for customers who decides to take driving lessons elsewhere.

Can I take driving lessons at Mr. J's Driving School even though I completed the classroom education at another school?

Of course! The Commonwealth of Massachusetts allows you to take classroom or behind the wheel instruction at two separate schools. There's no up charge if you're only doing driving lessons at our school.

I paid for one of the packages but did not complete the entire driver's education program, can I receive a refund?

Certainly! In case of a partial refund request, you will be refunded for the unused portion of the package price. Prices for each component taken will be calculated based on individual prices and then deducted from the total price paid for the package you purchased.